Mandala Coloring Set – 6 Mandalas

Drawing Mandalas has always been something that I’ve enjoyed. Attached are 6 Hand-Drawn Mandalas I did while doodling at school using a pencil and pen. Download 6 Mandala Coloring Set Here!

Blood Elf Portrait Coloring

Attached are my progress pics for those who would like to see the steps it takes to make something like this on a piece of paper. I usually rough sketch, add detail, ink, and color on the same paper. This is what my colored version looks like. Download Blood Elf Portrait Coloring HERE! I would…

Blood Elf Coloring Sheet

    Download your Blood Elf Coloring Sheet HERE! I would love to see your own interpretation.

Third Eye Coloring PDF

Attached is my inking version of my completed image. It is inspired by @karengucci on Instagram. I used this image of her: To get this final version: Download Free Third Eye Coloring PDF HERE! I would love to see your own interpretations!

Fantasy Coloring Page

Here I have attached another one of my coloring sheets. I would love to see your own interpretation. Download Fantasy Girl Coloring Here I have also included the one that I’ve colored myself, and my own interpretation of what I think she looks like. You can check that out here on my Instagram: Instagram Page  

Fantasy Elf Coloring

Sometimes at my work I draw doodles and images for my students to color. The students have been requesting it frequently, so to save myself time, I’ve started photocopying the images to give out multiple times. I loved having the students bring originally black and white drawings, now all colored in. Each students image is…

That hurt … lesson learned.

I learned my lesson, I will no longer take what is not mine. I am ready to move forward and leap through, and let this feeling of heaviness and ache pass by. I have accepted my consequences, and in turn, have faced a part of me that needed to finally be let go. I see…

This is about letting go.

This is about letting go. No longer holding in things that leave you trapped in the whirlpool of your wandering thoughts. The time is now for you to realize that the energy you are giving out to your surroundings is really only your own. Your reality, your world, your room, your PS4, your art, your…