This is about letting go.

This is about letting go. No longer holding in things that leave you trapped in the whirlpool of your wandering thoughts. The time is now for you to realize that the energy you are giving out to your surroundings is really only your own. Your reality, your world, your room, your PS4, your art, your very existence is really a reflection of who you are at this present moment.

Who are you? Who is really creating those thoughts in your head? Watching how we think and being mindful of our state of mind is something that is heavily looked and under-advised in our society. Caring for the mind and soul has not been prominent in our society, especially compared to ‘modern’ forms of medicine such as caring for the body. As a society, modern medicine advises people to treat their bodily symptoms first in order to receive relief and treatment. They diagnose you based on your symptoms, and then provide you with medicine, or whatever treatment, to cure your body. However, many ancient cultures around the world focused on a different form of treatment related to the mind. First, they required deep introspection that focused on curing the symptoms ‘inside-out’. The mind was treated first by releasing all negative energy, thoughts, or feelings that one may be holding inside. Then, the individual was encouraged to relax and meditate away any struggling thoughts that they may be holding. Environments were responsive to the needs of the patients as well, creating an atmosphere of clarity and peace. Therefore, this ‘inside-out’ treatment allowed healing of the minds state of being as a way of treating the bodily symptoms. Let me give an example. If an individual comes in sharing about his/her trouble with arthritis, they would be encouraged to cleanse their mind of any thoughts related to their pain. They would have a clear, mindful state of consciousness through a form of meditation (this will be covered later as well). This ‘inside-out’ approach to treatment understands that when one sends out their energy to any thought they may have (this means really focusing on something or thinking about it frequently), they instantly give the thought more energy and power to manifest in your current reality. My best friend and I always play this game called ‘punch buggy’. Whenever we see a punch buggy (a Volkswagen Beetle), we have to punch the other person in the arm before they see the punch buggy and get us back. Usually it looks something like this:

My BF: (She sees a red punch buggy). RED PUNCH BUGGY, NO RETURNS. (She takes our her nasty upper punch and goes for it).


//Hehe i had to share that. But pretty much this happens everyday, whenever I end up seeing her. Kind of nice letting out some steam once in a while!

We’ve noticed that we can go through a day and see 7-10 beetles. We see them so much now, we both want to buy beetles ourselves. Seeing something so frequently and giving it so much of your energy will definitely make you familiar with it. That’s why the ‘inside-out’ treatment of symptoms has the understanding of why sending focus/energy to your thoughts will make them naturally appear that much more in your reality. When we get stressed out about bills, graduation, what other people’s opinions are, the most embarrassing moment *everrrr*, we really don’t do ourselves any service. Instead, focus on how the present moment, a well as the next, and the next .. and the next … will be full of positivism and good things. You don’t have to know what will happen next, or how things will unfold exactly. You just have to focus on what you want to happen next. If your hands are hurting from pain, send them positive thoughts about how they’ve given you so much help. You appreciate them so much, and that you can’t wait to create things with them and live your life. I know, this may sound a little intense and talking to your hands is weird. But it’s the simple gratitude of what you already have that will create more of it.

Isn’t that what it is? Maybe we are seeing the punch buggy more because you are looking at it, and before you don’t care enough to pay attention. But isn’t that what your attention is all about? Because you are actually focusing on the punch buggy, you do indeed see it more often. It makes sense that what we think about and recognize will be easier to spot out and find than anything else, so that is why it is important to make sure that what we think about is only things that you truly want. Focusing on your setbacks, pains, or mistakes is going to make you linger in their presence that much more, simply because you are making it more prominent in your reality.

The ‘inside-out’ concept has the understanding that not everyone is able to sit for 10-20 minutes at first doing nothing… but sitting there .. not thinking. How boring is that? I honestly can barely sit still for 5 minutes (I’m working on it…), so meditation is not something that I like yet. Everyone has to find their own version of meditation. For me, it is enjoying a  hand-rolled burrito and then sitting down, turning on good chill music, and painting away. When I do this, I can hear myself clearer. Normally, I will have all these thoughts in my head flying around. Think of bats in a cave, flying everywhere here and there, and there you are somewhere in the middle trying to hear your own voice. Painting or drawing leaves only one train of thought – mine. And that is where true relaxation comes. To find your own version of meditation that vibrates with you, you need to find out what it is that you like to do. If it makes you happy, excited, or in a positive state of mind, then you have found it! Writing, doodling, long-boarding, off-roading, waiting for sunrise, cleaning, playing with your dog, collecting plaid shirts – whatever it is, DO IT MORE!

Okay I’m done. For now.





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