That hurt … lesson learned.

I learned my lesson, I will no longer take what is not mine. I am ready to move forward and leap through, and let this feeling of heaviness and ache pass by. I have accepted my consequences, and in turn, have faced a part of me that needed to finally be let go. I see the world as not something that I have steal. Nope, not any longer. In fact, I see the world as a place with endless opportunities and circumstances, made specifically for you and me. Everything that you dream, wish, hope, want, and crave are out there for you, already in existence. You need to realize the power of your being to attract anything you want. When you believe that you are taking what is not yours, you are believing in your own sense of lack. This self-believe begins to construct the reality around you. It creates what you see and what you interact with. Believing that you are taking something that does not belong to you will only continue to make you feel like you are lacking. The feeling of abundance and true happiness comes from the belief that you ARE abundant already. Gratitude and abundance come hand in hand. In order to have abundance, you need to have gratitude for everything around you. To do this, simply recognize your current present reality. What is in your “now” right now? That couch, that leftover slice of cheesecake, the ridiculously comfortable bed you can sleep in? Even the tiniest thing in your reality can be a source of gratitude when you start to appreciate it. The energy and positive vibes from being thankful for what is around you thus creates a natural energy of abundance around you.

Everyday, think of 10 things that you are grateful of in your present surroundings, in your now. It can even be things about yourself (your health, hair, ability to do a cartwheel, how you can make the best out of every situation)! Don’t be shy, be grateful for you and for being you. Be grateful for whats around, and see what happens.


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