The Gratitude Challenge

I’m tired of always wanting something. I’m tired of always feeling like I’m lacking something in my life. Living in the moment for me has been an exhilarating process of being thankful for everything around me. It has brought many things to my attention, that made me realize how appreciative and grateful I am of everything in my life. I’m not speaking from the perspective of a luscious, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, weekend getaways to Costa Rica kind of life. I’m speaking from the perspective of anyone’s life, despite their life circumstances, living conditions or health. It’s true, I believe that humans do just want to be happy. In the end, the experiences and choices they have in make are all in an effort to make themselves happy. We’ve been taught to believe that we should have this, or have that, or want this, or want that. As kids we always strive for that perfect A,  being the winner of a prize, or always want that new PS console that just came out. We’re marketed too, and advertised to, and told what to prefer and want. And when we get that thing we’ve been craving, we are so happy and elated. That feeling of joy can’t be replaced. However, we’re never taught to be grateful and appreciate for what’s around us. Hmm, only one day a year actually does that – Thanksgiving Day. Living in the moment and being grateful for things around me has created a deep seated feeling of peace within me. I’ve started to understand that everything I need and everything I want will always come to me at the right time.

This challenge is about creating more gratitude and abundance in my life. It’s about being more aware of my surroundings, and remaining in the present moment. It’s about controlling my thoughts and letting go of what no longer serves me, brings me anxiety, or creates unrest and negativity within my core.

Everyday, I will think of 10 things that I am grateful for in my present moment. Note: I don’t have to say 10 things all at once, I can say them sporadically throughout the day. However, the objective is to focus on what is around you. The beauty of the sunrays on the pavement, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls,  how awesome your friends are when they are themselves, etc. Focusing on yourself and being grateful for your health, appearance, and capabilities is also important.

Day 1:

I am grateful for …

The large amount of cool ass crystal stores there are around metro Vancouver. I love rocks and crystals, I think they’re really beautiful (and face it, pretty cool looking!) to have around. I always had a strange pull towards them, without really knowing why. Until recently, I’ve been reading up about crystals and their names, as well as their properties. It’s really fascinating to read, in my opinion. I started a small collection and hope to see them grow.

Always having yogurt, granola, and banana at home. Now, this may sound weird because not everyone is into those foods. But to me, I have been utterly obsessed with this combination since last September. In fact, I eat it pretty much everyday. The infatuation started to die down since last summer, however it’s still my go-to snack and I make sure to keep it in my fridge all the time LOL, just in case I am ever hungry …

My workplace. Sometimes it takes a little while to adjust to a new environment, and this was my challenge when I started my new place of work in September. It’s exhilarating, unpredictable, and definitely very challenging.  Definitely took a little while to truly appreciate, but I am grateful to have this opportunity nonetheless.

My colors. My colors refers to all the crayons, markers, pencil crayons, pens, gel pens, watercolors, paints, sharpies, pastels, and chalks I have lying around the house. I have a strong attraction towards getting colorful stationary that I rarely use (my own fault, of course … I am trying to be more determined to finish what I start) because the colors are such a big pull for me.

My health. Thank-you, apple cider vinegar. And lots of vitamins and fish oils. And of course, a hefty dose of partying … hehe.

My place of residence. I’m so grateful to be living in such a wonderful, beautiful, clean location. Everything around me is colorful and fun, just like how I’ve always pictured things around me to be…

Being able to see the sunrise every morning on my way to work. I’ve recently began to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of sunrises last September. I’m not really sure why it began to strike me so much, but I began to be surprised by the fact that I felt I was starting to see things for the first time. By this I mean that every time I saw a sunrise or a sunset, the combination of colors, clouds, and what not made it feel like I was seeing something for the first time. Perhaps I was. To this day, I’m completely struck by sunsets and sunrises. It stops me in my tracks and mesmerizes me by it’s beauty. I know that may have sounded super mushy and poetic LOL, but being able to see it everyday when I’m driving to work really sets my mood in a positive way.

Snowboarding. After going on a wonderful ride a few days ago, I never had the chance to truly be grateful for having such a wonderful playground around me. I have the mountains, the ocean, lakes, rivers, and forests. Snowboarding was such a liberating experience, and I love having the chance to go out. It was like smelling one of those Pine scented Yankee candles out there. SO GOOOOOD.

The amazing people around me and in my life at this moment. I feel that a total shift has recently happened that changed my relationships with many who were, and still are in my life. I am grateful for my different relationship with my family and their support and acceptance of me. I love my friends and the crazy adventures that we go on, and the lessons that we all learn together (ahem, not all wood is free). I love the fresh perspectives I have around me, and the strengthening that’s occurred between people I’ve known for a long time. I am grateful for my relationship with my nutty sibling, as well as my new found relationship with my new siblings who I’m sure have been with me for many lifetimes before. I’m thankful for my partner and the personal growth and change that he has sparked in me.

My light up LED Rave Shoes. Seriously, these are so rad. You turn them on, walk around, and feel like you’re about to make a mess on the dancefloor. SO COOL!!!


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