The process of creating.

I’ve really been digging red, blues, oranges and teals as a collection of colors.

  1. I first paint in acrylic. I use the dollar store ones as well. I’ve always found the dollar paints to be just fine, and there are so many colors you can choose. I’m not a big fan of blending or mixing colors, so taking something straight out of the tube is ideal for me.  Sometimes I tend to blame my habitual laziness… 🙂
  2. After the paint dries comes my most enjoyable part – outlining and adding detail with sharpie. I quickly run out of these, and constantly have to buy more. I am going to look for some type of spray that I can put on after the painting is done, because drawing with sharpie on the paint and the rough texture of the canvas is difficult and ruins many sharpies quickly.

I was creating a series of these that had a psychedelic feel, and it goes perfectly with the lights in my house. Sometimes I like to take out these paintings when I have parties, because the effect is pretty cool!

You can see the effect in the video below.




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