Have you ever wondered about the Creation Process of a Drawing/Inking?

I’ve always really been into watching progress videos, timelapses, looking at progress pics, or those ‘before and after pictures’ that many people post on the internet about really cool things. In particular, I am really into the before and after or art, or the progress pictures of art. For instance, some of my favorites are:

Stefari. Her art is incredible in the way that it portrays color and lines. I love her work because it’s so bold and beautiful, and I always love the bright colors.


Here is the progress of one of my pictures. I am definitely looking forward to my progress and improvement.


One thing that I have found really helpful for myself is to sometimes use models or sources as poses, usually that I find on Instagram. I’ve noticed that after learning from sources and copying poses as a form of practice has really helped me to be able to create my own poses after a while. Here is the pose that I wanted to incorporate into my drawing.

One thing that I’m working on is my hands, and will continue to do so in the future. Also, not sure if it’s the paper or just me, but improvement on the blending and color saturation is something I’d like to work on as well.


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